If you are sheltering in place this Spring during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should know this is a great time to make home improvement a priority. Whether you would enjoy some updates to your home or would like to prepare your home for a future sale, here are five tips for you to consider.

  1. Look at Your Landscaping

Not only can you bring life to your property with bushes, flowers, shrubs, and trees, but you also can use this time to reign in on any weed issues you encounter in your lawn and in your garden beds. Keeping your landscaping fresh avoids an eye-sore, and you’ll never spend more time in your yard than you will now.

If you do not address weed issues, those weeds can actually begin to wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and structure. Not only can the weeds themselves cause problems, but you also could have breeding grounds for pests that can cause damage, too.

And if you are trying to determine which plants to add to your lawn, then you must be sure to know the difference between annuals and perennials. Try also to pick plants that can help shade your home and help control your energy costs.

  1. Consider Installing Energy-Efficient Products

When you install energy-efficient products, you can lower utility costs right away. You also can deduct these new products on your taxes. Consider which energy-efficient products would make sense for your home to experience instant and long-term savings.

If you do not have a modern thermostat for your home’s cooling system consider buying and installing one now.. Other energy-efficient products for you to consider are washers and dryers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, HVAC units, modern lighting systems, and improved water systems.

  1. Think about Adding Popular Paint Colors

Updating your home’s paint colors or removing wallpaper and adding paint for the first time can dramatically alter the look of your home. Whether you want to bring new life to your home so you can enjoy it more or make it more marketable to potential buyers, adding popular paint colors is a great idea.

But you have to do more than just think about the paint color. You also must think about the lighting and furnishings for any room, as both can impact the final appearance of a color. Sometimes after application, a color can end up not looking like what you saw up close at your local retailer or through photos you saw online if you purchased the pain that route. If you are selling your home, you must remember that just because you like the color or color combination does not mean your potential buyers will. And also don’t forget to properly prepare your home for painting.

  1. Increase Your Storage Capacity

Almost every potential homebuyer is wanting to purchase a home with plenty of storage. No matter your budget, you have so many different ways that you can maximize your home’s storage for a sale. You always want to limit clutter when selling your home. And even if you are not wanting to sell your home, you can benefit from better storage.

Ideas for you to consider include adding/enlarging closets and adding a garage or updating your existing garage to feature more storage solutions. You really have so many storage solutions you can consider. You can find ready to use storage products from local and online retailers, have storage professionally installed, or build storage solutions on your own.

  1. Update Your Home’s Hardware

If you are wanting to stretch every dollar as much as possible, you should really look into updating your home’s hardware. You can find all the handles, knobs, and switches you need without breaking your bank. If you are not selling your home, these upgrades will improve the function and look of your home’s furnishings and accessories.

And if you are trying to sell your home, these are rather inexpensive upgrades that can yield you a higher selling price. Remember, though, if you decide to use vintage or unique hardware fixtures, you should only be doing that if you plan to stay in your home. Antique and vintage pieces showcase your personality more than increase the likelihood of your home being sold. Not everyone will share the same taste as you, so always be cognizant of that.

Make the Most of Your Shelter-in-Place Situation

As much as your new situation has made you change up the way you go about everyday living, you can still find ways to make the most of your situation. Home improvement projects are just one way you can do that. And no matter your budget, and whether you are selling or not, you can pull it off.


Dominic LoBianco is a guest author on behalf of AmeriWindow Company. Dominic covers a wide array of topics ranging from home improvement to the finances of moving.