Request Time Off

In order to pack in an organized manner, you’ll need plenty of time for preparations. If you’re going to move a lot of items, request a four-week vacation.

After your request is granted, grab a calendar, and schedule certain moving tasks on specific days of the week. The most time-consuming packing routines should be done on the weekend, and all minor tasks can be scheduled before or after your weekly routines.

Hire Movers

You’ll need help moving heavy appliances and furniture out of your home. The process of maneuvering items up and down stairs and around corners requires certain skills, and if you cut corners, you may accidentally damage walls and paneling.

Professional movers understand all aspects of moving, and they have access to commercial tools for the most complicated jobs. If you want to enjoy the holidays without stressing out, a moving crew can help.

Prevent Burnout

Fatigue can make you stop preparations when the have great determination, so you must implement practical procedures to prevent it. The easiest way to stay energized and focused throughout the holiday season is by sorting items in the most confident rooms and spaces first. For example, a room that has a small closet is a great starting point since it will have less items that you’ll need to sort and pack.

A staging area can be quite helpful during a sorting routine, so you should make one in your home. If you have a storage room and a guest room, you could make one of these spaces a staging area for bulky supplies and boxes.

Don’t Pack All Holiday Decorations

If you’re going to move before the holidays, make your home festive because holiday decorations will make the daily packing routines less stressful. However, you won’t be able to decorate every part of the home’s exterior and interior since most of your cookware and holiday items will need to go inside of the boxes. The following items can stay out of the boxes until moving day

  • Holiday lights
  • Holiday apparel
  • Small decorative products

Consider and Remember All Holiday Moving Expenses

Throughout the holiday season, businesses have tons of customers and less workers. This is why big companies charge a premium for general services during the holidays. Moving companies have strict policies during this time, so you must always make reservations for a crew many days in advance.

Because moving companies have frequent shift changes during the holidays, you should always make a call to confirm the moving date and pricing. If the representative gives you a lot of information and details over the phone, grab a pen and a sheet of paper, and take notes until the call ends. When you’re done, put the notes in a binder until moving day.

Buy Moving Supplies During a Holiday Sales Event

Although the holidays can be stressful for anyone who wants to move, there are some hidden advantages to relocating during this time of year. For example, if you shop around, you may be able to get great discounts on packing supplies.

The best time to search for deals is the day after Thanksgiving. However, on this day, most items on sale are taken quickly, so you’ll need to visit the stores early. Your first stop should be at a local office supply store as this is the best place to get deals on boxes and other moving items.

Use Portable Storage Units

Typically, some items that you have in your current house may not be needed in the new home right way. If you rent a storage unit, you can keep these items there until you need them. A regular unit has enough space for boxes, major appliances, and furniture.

These tips can make a time-sensitive moving job easier for everyone. If you want peace of mind throughout the entire process, make a checklist that includes everything that you need to accomplish before the holidays.


Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist. She regularly produces content for a variety of moving blogs.